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Transparency and Communication

Gulf Income Properties believes an informed tenant is a happy tenant. That is why our tenants have anytime access to the tenant portal and a tenant handbook. The tenant portal is a great way to pay rent and communicate with your property manager.  A Gulf Income Properties property manager is always happy to assist! 

Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

All tenants can pay their rent online through their tenant portal. Tenant portal can be access through Gulf Income Properties website tenant login.

All non-emergency repair requests can be made through the tenant portal online request system.

Gulf Income Properties will provide 24-hour  notice prior to any inspection or repair. We will initially attempt to contact a tenant through preferred means, but if no contact can be made, a notice will be posted on the tenant’s door.

Rent is due on the day the tenant’s lease says it is due (typically the 1st of the month)Rent is late after the due date, but tenants will typically be given a 4 day grace period until a late fee is applied. 

In order for a tenant to receive their security deposit back, the rental unit needs to be in the same condition when they moved in or better. This does not include normal wear and tear, but does include cleaning. Gulf Income Properties has cleaning instructions for move out to help offer guidance for this situation.

Reach out to Gulf Income Properties at our telephone number and submit a work order. A tenant is responsible for mitigating the damage which could include shutting off water to the property. If there is a danger to anyone the tenant should call 911.

All changes to a rental property must be approved in writing by Gulf Income Properties. 

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Gulf Income Properties
Core Values

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Communication and honesty are at the heart of what a property management company should provide. Gulf Income Properties believes our clients should know exactly what is going on with their investments.

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There can be no compromise in regards to honesty and integrity. Our clients can expect nothing less than when dealing with our property managers.

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Every interaction with Gulf Income Properties needs to bring value into our customers lives. We exist as a property management company to not only maintain the status-quo, but bring our owner's properties maximum returns.

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Gulf Income Properties leverages our experience, market knowledge, technology, and proactive property management processes to provide a one of a kind owner experience.

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